Medic Mobile is proud to announce three new additions to our team!  Jonathan Mativo has been working with us for several months now, leading an exciting immunization and antenatal care program in coastal Kenya, in partnership with Kilifi Kids and the Kilifi Ministry of Health. Jessica Qu joined us in March to support our first major project in North America – a study about SMS and diabetes management at free clinics in the Bay Area. Dianna Kane just signed on as our first full-time product and service designer. Human-Centered Design (HCD) has been at the core of Medic’s ethos from day one – it’s the basis of how we understand community health workers, patients and the technologies they use in and outside of mHealth initiatives. In the last two years we’ve been developing HCD as a core competency and Dianna is here to step these efforts up a notch. We’re incredibly excited about adding these three to the Team page and we hope you’ll welcome them to the mobile health and ICT4D community!

Based in coastal Kenya, Jonathan has been a champion of ICTs for development with Plan International, as the founder of ICT4Development Kenya, and most recently with Medic Mobile. He has worked with several mobile platforms, trained hundreds of individuals to use communication technologies, and has particular experience applying FrontlineSMS for health and community development. Jonathan has a knack for demystifying technical jargon and facilitating engaging learning experiences for audiences with varying literacy, technical and educational backgrounds. He holds a masters degree in statistics and computer science from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Find him on twitter @Mativo


Aspiring to a career in international health diplomacy, Jessica is passionate about the potential for technology and innovation to connect people and promote change in health care and community relations. She studied Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology as a Gates Millennium Scholar at Yale University, and has worked on various international relations and public health initiatives in India, the Dominican Republic, Mainland China and Tibet. Jessica leads Medic’s first U.S. initiative, focused on improving patient-centered care using mHealth technologies, with the vision of creating a suite of tools for chronic disease care at free and under-resourced clinics. Find her on twitter @jessica_qu


As Medic’s Senior Designer, Dianna’s role is to befriend community health workers and leverage human-centered design to translate insights into practical tools. Dianna has over seven years’ experience in global health, and has written heath systems strengthening plans with the Clinton Foundation in Rwanda, consulted on maternal health and malaria control for HealthRight International in Kenya and Nepal, and launched a family strengthening initiative for vulnerable families in Cape Town. She served on the founding team of the grassroots organization CHOSA, co-created the mHealth platform Kumbu Health, and has a patent pending for a medical iPhone app. Prior to joining Medic, Dianna worked on a health and social equity initiative with the Alameda County Public Health Department in Oakland, CA. Dianna earned a BA in Urban Studies from Fordham University and an MPhil in HIV/AIDS & Society from the University of Cape Town. Find her on twitter @diannakane