I’m thrilled to introduce you to Medic Mobile’s new visual brand! We’ve reworked our logo, colors and typefaces to capture the aspirational trajectory of our team and to emphasize that Medic Mobile and Hope Phones are related efforts of the same team. We’ve also rewritten most of the content, emphasizing that Medic Mobile is not a “solution,” but a team who sees communication challenges through the eyes of patients and community based health workers, guiding partner organizations towards low-cost open source technologies. The visual brand that we now share across Medic Mobile and the Hope Phones campaign is based on a design exercise with Wieden+Kennedy in 2009—we are most grateful for their creativity.

This milestone is particularly meaningful for me because it also marks the end of my service as Medic Mobile’s Chief Strategist. Just over four years ago I read a blog post by Josh Nesbit and reached out to discuss using text messages to coordinate community based health workers. A few months later we set out to build an organization together. Neither of us had backgrounds in software or work experience in global health, we had no shared history or any friends in common, but we did have a common understanding of our opportunity. I spent the first year in Malawi and have remained focused on the internal operations of our team. Josh has been externally focused; together our approach has been to inspire people with a sense of the mHealth opportunity, rally the resources to hire the most fantastic people we meet, really listen to them, and make sure the best ideas win.

This month I am handing off day-to-day management responsibilities in order to begin a graduate program at the University of Cambridge, where I’ll be using the social sciences to better understand the kind of work we do at Medic Mobile. This is not a transition away from Medic so much as a transition to a different role. I’ve been craving more time to read and write, to do research, and the space to be a more thoughtful advisor for our growing team. I’ll continue as a board member and active champion of our cause. The tasks I’ve been responsible for to date are in very capable hands: Dianna is our human centered design evangelist, our newest team member Maeghan is off to a great start managing projects in East Africa, our CTO Dave and West Africa Region Director Marc play increasingly important roles in tech strategy, and Josh will remain our connector, a leavening force.

From my view, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this experience is that I have learned so much and somehow emerged even more curious. As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding us. As our team gets better at using technology to improve health services and at measuring our impact, our sense of the mHealth opportunity continues to grow. We have good work to do; I hope you’ll join us.