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Partnered with 15 new organizations around the world

Scaled to 400 health workers with Christian Aid in Kenya, supporting antenatal care

Helped nine new pharmacies track medicine with HealthRight International in Kenya

Won the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship

Equipped 750 household caregivers for adherence support with KEMRI and the Wellcome Trust in Kenya

Launched our first program to screen for mental illness with the MINDS Foundation in Vadodara, India

Piloted antenatal care coordination with the Saving Mothers Project in Tanzania—applied for and won significant HDIF grant funding to scale in September 2015

Equipped 50 new health workers with Makueni District Ministry of Health for immunization coordination, service reporting and antenatal care

Created the first Do It Yourself version of Medic Mobile for Antenatal Care

Equipped 50 new health workers to track disease outbreaks with United Methodist Communications in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Launched our first program for educational messaging with 50 household caregivers, focused on improving clubfoot treatment adherence with miraclefeet in Mumbai, India

Female Community Health Volunteers in Nepal harness mobile technology through partnership with One Heart World-Wide

Worked with Nexleaf in Kilifi, Kenya to keep medicines at safe temperatures in 42 hospitals

Supported stock monitoring with 408 new clinics with IntraHealth in Senegal, and planned for national scale-up by the end of 2015

Developed dashboards to support monthly performance reviews with community health workers and their supervisors with Muso in Mali