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At Medic Mobile, users are at the center of everything we do and our work is grounded in the mindset and methodology of human-centered design. Our process begins when we sit down with community health workers, nurses, patients, and community members who are seeking ways to make health care delivery more efficient, effective, and able to reach more people.

If Medic Mobile's product team gets involved, they work closely with people in the field to prototype solutions, give feedback, and ultimately implement solutions. While most solutions incorporate an existing version of Medic Mobile's open-source software, we also—when needed—develop new tools or incorporate tools developed by others. The goal is always the right tools for each project.

Our design process and toolkit support different use cases or workflows. In addition to supporting implementation we study the impact of new use cases on health outcomes in under-served communities. A subset of our projects are randomized-controlled and prospective trials, which help us prioritize our efforts and guide future implementers. The focus of our work has been and will continue to be to serve the most vulnerable communities in the most difficult environments.


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Medic Mobile developed a set of 50 “design cards," hand-drawn by Senior Designer, Dianna Kane. Each card has a drawing of different components of the healthcare system: community members, healthcare workers, places, technology, and actions involved—such as visits to clinics. These cards are a visual and tactile way to engage people in role play to help facilitate understanding of our work and imagine new ways of doing it. They invite everyone to get involved, even where language barriers are present.

Every purchase goes toward Medic Mobile's mission to connect lifesaving care to underserved communities. Buy yours here.

  • Pack of 50 black & white cards
  • Hand-drawn designs
  • Printed on Heavy card stock
  • Size: 3.5" x 2.5"
  • Ships in 3 to 4 weeks