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Social venture expert Brittany Hume Charm joins Medic Mobile’s Board of Directors


February 22, 2016

Author: Jacqueline Edwards

Medic Mobile is thrilled to announce Brittany Hume Charm, social venture investor and advisor, has joined our Board of Directors. She has worked closely with the Medic Mobile team in the past, when she served as a principal at the Skoll Foundation.

"This is exciting news for Medic Mobile and our mission," said Josh Nesbit. "Brittany knows our model inside and out, and brings experience from a career at the nexus of global health and social ventures. She is a thoughtful strategist and will be an important partner for our team and frontline health workers during this next phase of growth."

Brittany has worked at the intersection of business strategy and social investment for more than a decade, engaging with corporations, private foundations, and for- and nonprofit entrepreneurs as an advisor and social investor.

Jane Katanu, Africa Regional Designer at Medic Mobile, reflected on the news, "Brittany has a unique ability to empathize with communities in diverse cultures. She provides exceptional insights on sustainable social enterprises."


"I have been most impressed by the values that I see clearly below the organization's surface," says Brittany. "The team shares a relentless determination to fix the broken status quo, a sense of empathy that positions rural health workers at the center of its mission and its product designs, and a thoughtfulness that promotes sharing and progress. It is an honor to join such impressive and longstanding supporters of Medic Mobile on its board. Like them, I hope to help the team further accelerate its impact among health workers and the communities they serve."

Most recently, Brittany served as a principal at the Skoll Foundation, where she led the foundation's investments in a variety of issue areas, including health, education, and women and girls. Previously, Brittany held positions at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, and McKinsey & Company.

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