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Short-Term Communications Consultant


The SmartHealth app, designed for the Living Goods model, is a high-impact configuration of the Medic Mobile software. Living Goods and Medic Mobile have worked closely together to deploy this powerful application to 5,000 community health workers (CHWs) in the Living Goods network. This mhealth solution is at the heart of Living Goods’ ability to deliver high impact at scale and drive continuous performance improvement; and together, Living Goods and Medic Mobile are committed to transforming community healthcare. We believe that reliable data, consistent diagnostics and analytics are crucial for delivering high quality and cost- effective community healthcare. We want to utilise our experience to enable other implementers

This case study aims to:

  • Articulate our joint value proposition to other implementers and showcase why together we are able to provide comprehensive support to those looking to improve their CHW program.
  • Inform the broader development community as well as other implementers and governments of what it takes to implement an mhealth solution for CHWs at scale, both technically and the various wrap around services required to ensure the technology is adopted, actively used, and drives impact.


Publishable case-study document approx. 10 - 15 pages with visuals with an executive summary, to be used as communications material by both Living Goods and Medic Mobile to better explain the partnership and what is takes to successfully implement an mhealth solution at scale. The case study should

  • Provide an overview of the Living Goods and Medic Mobile partnership, our different roles, our achievements and how we reached scale
  • The critical success factors and lessons learned, including details of the wrap around services, government relations, training, systems, processes, human resources etc. needed for the technology to deliver impact
  • Our vision for growth and the broader potential for mhealth to improve community health.

A 2-page brief to provide a high-level overview of our partnership and joint impact, highlighting how we can support other implementers and governments to improve community health delivery.

Project plan and timelines

Consultant will need to work closely with both Living Goods and Medic Mobile teams (who are based in East Africa and San Francisco) to gather content. Both organisations will provide relevant documents to inform the final deliverable. Consultant will be expected to provide a draft document before completion so both organisations can provide feedback. Any photos and images will be provided by Living Goods and Medic Mobile, unless specific requirements are identified which require new images and this will be agreed separately. It is preferable for the consultant to be based in East Africa in order to facilitate access to the teams, and to coordinate a field visit if this is deemed necessary.

Work is due to be completed by the end of 2017.


Please send all expressions of interest to Mercy Simiyu,, Partnerships and Communications Manager, Africa, Medic Mobile.

Proposals can be as a group or as an individual and should include a

  • Budget including cost breakdown
  • Proposal for how you (and your team) will approach this work and timelines
  • Writing example, preferably a case-study or organisational collateral
  • Outline of credentials and experience includes relevant CVs

Proposals should be brief, no longer than 2A4 pages or short PowerPoint deck (not including CVs or budget). 

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