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Medic Mobile, Samasource & Hearts on Fire Bring Social Change to SXSW Stage

Don’t miss an all-star cast of social-changers and world-shakers at this year’s SXSW. Josh, Jill and Leila will be joining forces to discuss and debate how tech can connect, empower and strengthen the global community.  They’ll look at how tech is being utilized not only as a source of innovation, but as a way of...

Medic Mobile Announces The First Mobile SIM App For Healthcare

WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 6th, 2011 – Medic Mobile, a proven innovator in mobile health technology, is proud to announce the development of the first SIM Application for healthcare. SIM apps can operate on 80% of the world’s phones from $15 handsets to Android smartphones – and Medic’s new implementation of this technology brings data...

Time to Act – Our Commitment

Members at the Clinton Global Initiative are asked to make a commitment to action. This year, our commitment at FrontlineSMS:Medic centers around the deployment of three mobile health tools: PatientView, a lightweight patient records system that can be used anywhere there is a mobile signal; TextForms(some users have called this tool Surveys), a new tool...

OpenMRS 2010 meeting – It’s all about community

The Singing Geeks of OpenMRS 2010 from Isaac Holeman on Vimeo. One of the several open source software platforms we work with is called OpenMRS – it’s an electronic medical records system designed for managing patient information in treatment programs (such as HIV or TB), as well as primary care. Generally the niche for OpenMRS...

FrontlineSMS:Medic at PopTech

Pop!Tech has published the presentations from this year’s Social Innovation Fellows, and I thought I’d share the 5-minute talk on FrontlineSMS:Medic and the Hope Phones campaign. The fellowship program challenged us to rethink our presentations, impact models, financial sustainability, and media strategy — making sure we left with a ‘way forward’ and a community of...


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    Medic Mobile uses communication technologies to improve the health of under-served and disconnected communities. We see communication gaps through the eyes of community-based health workers and patients, guiding our partners towards low-cost technologies and efficient health services.