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Unlocking the potential in mobile phones for Cancer Care

Written by Jay Evans, Senior Advisor, Global Health Unit, American Cancer Society Walk into almost any corner store in India, Pakistan, Zambia, Mexico, or Tanzania and you will find cell-phone top-up cards for sale. Corner stores and markets and even street vendors understand that mobile phones mean business. There are now more than six billion wireless...

The Shift to Mobile Phone Training

Our three trainings for the village health workers (VHWs), which have spanned the course of the summer, are always active. Every day that the VHWs come into training they begin with a seated discussion or lecture but soon after the lecture ends they know they will have to practice everything they’ve learned on each other....

Village Health Worker Training on Antenatal Care

Village Health Worker Training at Hope Hospital, Photographs by Zahra Bhimani This past week, we completed another round of our antenatal care (ANC) training for our Village Health Workers (VHWs). Our study which looks at two main sites in the rural population of Cox’s Bazar (one near the Hope Hospital site, and one near the...

Floods Part II

It can be extremely difficult to imagine or understand all of the variables that impact public health without being in the situation. The flooding and water damage that we’ve experienced in the last few weeks have made it more apparent how everything in society is part of the health system. If we had been anywhere...

There’s a first time for everything

Photographs taken at Cox’s Bazar Mother and Child Hospital in Ramu It took about 20 days into the Monsoon season, and 4 days of non-stop raining for us to experience the worst of it. This past Wednesday morning, we received a call from our country director. We thought it was him letting us know that...


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