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Designing with and for Health Workers

At Medic Mobile, health workers are at the center of everything we do. Before building or deploying any technology, we get to know the people who will use and benefit from an improved health system. Our team designs workflows and tools to achieve greater health coverage and improved health equity in the communities they serve.

We have always been inspired by health workers working to improve health outcomes in their communities. The people we meet and their stories shape our design principles: design for the familiar, solve the most important challenges first, and let the best ideas lead to better solutions. Creating an intuitive mobile and web application is about making informed design choices while keeping the best interests of health workers in mind. We have formalized these values into a human-centered design practice that guides our use case and impact strategy, workflow design, and technology roadmap.

Process & Practical Methods

Human-centered design is a methodology and a mindset at Medic Mobile. We believe that designing for and with end users not only yields a more impactful result, but also resonates with our commitment to engaging communities as active creators of their own futures. We live out these principles from the proposal stage through to post-deployment monitoring and support.


Build Empathy
Start with people. We seek to understand their work and home environments, goals, strengths, assets, and pain points.

Define Opportunities
Identify the most important problems, and the ones our mobile tools are best positioned to solve.

Ideate Solutions
Our participatory workshops ensure that our workflows and tools can be easily integrated into daily work practices, are grounded in the reality of the context, and are informed by the way health workers think and solve problems.

Iterate and Improve
Pay close attention to how our tools are used once they are deployed; seek opportunities for continued improvement and growth.

What Design Delivers

Partners experience our design process during the time we spend with their health workers defining and adapting our workflows to their unique social and cultural context. These collaborative sessions invite health workers to participate and create an improved health delivery system for their communities. With sketches and custom-made design cards, we encourage health workers to get hands-on in defining each step in their current chain of events, then take a fresh approach and reimagine a new series of events using our tools.


Medic’s tools are continually evolving to improve the experience for health workers. We generate stories about how health workers will use these features then test them with users to validate each new feature. Using our design principles as a guide for our tool’s user interface, we continually iterate and refine the health worker’s experience based on their feedback.

The methods and learnings from our design approach provide a solid foundation for our training materials, deployment process, and delivery strategy. Our how-to guides support successful adoption of our tools, cater our post-deployment support for the needs of managers, while creating a whole delivery strategy aimed at customizing the Medic experience for small-scale community-based organizations.


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Medic Mobile developed a set of 50 “design cards," hand-drawn by Chief Design Officer, Dianna Kane. Each card has a drawing of different components of the healthcare system: community members, healthcare workers, places, technology, and actions involved—such as visits to clinics. These cards are a visual and tactile way to engage people in role play to help facilitate understanding of our work and imagine new ways of doing it. They invite everyone to get involved, even where language barriers are present.

Every purchase goes toward Medic Mobile's mission to connect lifesaving care to underserved communities. 

  • Pack of 50 black & white cards
  • Hand-drawn designs
  • Printed on Heavy card stock
  • Size: 3.5" x 2.5"
  • Ships in 3 to 4 weeks