We believe that every mHealth initiative should measurably improve service delivery. Evaluating the impact of our work is similar to evaluating global health programs that do not involve communication technologies – we tend to share goals and use the same indicators for patient heath outcomes, efficiency and quality of services.

We work with simple, flexible software applications that can be applied in a variety of health care settings. Each distinct way of applying technology, or use case, addresses an observed shortcoming in status quo care, and is measured by specific indicators. Thus far, Medic Mobile projects have involved more than two dozen distinct use cases. For some use cases the impact is understood only qualitatively, but Medic Mobile is running several randomized trials and our work is informed by a growing body of evidence produced by researchers in the broader mHealth community.

Our understanding of this evidence base continues to drive what we do, which use cases we choose to support and which partners we choose to work with. One of the first and most powerful ways we engage with new partners is by helping them sift through the existing literature, be mindful of gaps in the evidence base, and understand opportunities for impact using mobile technology.

High-Impact Use Cases

Getting People Into Care: Remote Patient Registration and Danger Sign Monitoring
Using our tools, a community health worker in a rural setting can now enroll a pregnant mother or a newborn baby into essential services, continuously monitor and report on their condition, notify clinics of observed danger signs, and receive advice and assistance. This real-time data and feedback draws previously disconnected villages into the system of care.

Helping People Stay in Care: Notifications for Antenatal Care (ANC) and Immunizations
Preliminary data from a Medic Mobile project in India has shown an increase in immunization coverage by more than 20% by sending mothers an SMS notification when their children were due for vaccination. We’re extending this use case to include the four recommended ANC visits for pregnant mothers in India, Kenya, and Nepal.

Improving the Quality of Care: Stock Monitoring and Data Collection
In many of the places we work, getting to the clinic is only half the battle. Imagine reaching a clinic only to discover that it is out of stock for the essential supplies that you need. Our tools have been deployed to help districts manage the stock levels at rural outposts and respond faster when supplies are low. We’re currently supporting the pilot of a device to monitor temperature-sensitive vaccines. When the temperature rises above a certain level, a facility manager is notified.



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