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Research & Impact Reports

Medic Mobile's research and impact team is committed to bringing the latest science and data-driven care to communities facing the highest burdens of poverty and disease. Our research archive includes more than 50 publications, including 32 peer-reviewed articles and a range of technical reports and white papers. We've conducted extensive human-centered design research and we're supporting the Muso team to conduct one of the world's largest community health randomized controlled trials (RCTs). For scientific collaborators and other partners who want to learn about our research agenda and the substantial evidence that underpins our work, check out the Research at Medic Mobile brief below. For the latest data and stories from the field, sign up for our email newsletter to receive quarterly and annual impact reports.



Research archive

2018 02 Research At Mm

Overview of Research at Medic Mobile (2018)

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2016 Holeman Good Governance

Review of Digital Technology for Health Sector Governance (2016)

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2017 Measure Evaluation Scaling Community His

Scaling mHealth for Communities: USAID's Case Study of Medic Mobile and Living Goods (2017)

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2017 Unesco Nepal

UNESCO's Case Study of Medic Mobile's Approach to Literacy for mHealth (2017)

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Quarterly Reports


Q4 2017 Report

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Mm Q3 2017

Q3 2017 Report

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Mm Q2 Report

Q2 2017 Report

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Mm Q1 2017

Q1 2017 Report

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Annual Reports

2016 Ar Cover

2016 Annual Report

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2015 Annual Report Cover

2015 Annual Report

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2014 Annual Report Cover 1

2014 Annual Report

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Ar Cover

2013 Annual Report

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