Our team can help you equip health workers with the right tools. The full Medic Mobile toolkit covers antenatal care, childhood vaccinations, disease surveillance, stock monitoring, and more.


Our free DIY toolkit currently supports antenatal care. Download our easy-to-use software here.

Our Story

Josh Nesbit was a pre-medical undergraduate student at Stanford when he spent the summer working at St. Gabriel's hospital in rural Malawi. He observed patients walking up to 100 miles to see the hospital's single doctor and community health workers walking over 30 miles to deliver reports by hand. He also observed stronger cell phone reception in the Malawian rural village than back home in California. The next time he returned to the hospital, he was carrying a suitcase of $10 Nokia phones. The impact of communication was undeniable. He then joined forces with co-founder Isaac Holeman, and Medic Mobile was born.

Our team


  • Greg Ennis, Managing Director, Peninsula Ventures

  • Isaac Holeman, Cofounder of Medic Mobile, Gates Cambridge Scholar

  • Brittany Hume Charm, Social Venture Investor and Advisor

  • Josh Nesbit, CEO, Medic Mobile

  • Susan Nesbitt, Independent Consultant & former Deputy Director, Craigslist Foundation

  • Amy Norris, Chief Legal Counsel, Clif Bar & Company

  • Roni Zeiger, CEO, Smart Patients & former Chief Health Strategist, Google

Join our team


While one member of Medic Mobile's field team is traveling 100 miles on rough roads to visit a remote clinic, other members of our team – software developers, health researchers, and project managers – are working with them to fine-tune models, devise new patient interventions, and make time-saving software improvements. Our teammates exhibit unique levels of patience, confidence, and empathy; we work together every day as a distributed interdisciplinary team to improve health outcomes and ultimately save lives.

Our History

  • 20

    Medic Mobile equipped 3,800 new health workers and grew our delivery footprint by nearly 50%. We launched a new mobile application for frontline health workers. Our team in Nepal played a key role in earthquake response and health systems rebuilding. Our team grows to 55 staff.

  • 20

    Our team won the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. We began testing a "Do It Yourself" version of our toolkit and reached an additional 2,000 health workers. A randomized-controlled trial focused on malaria treatment began in Kenya.

  • 20

    Medic Mobile opened a regional office in Kathmandu. We equipped 1,500 new health workers and our programs covered 3.5 million people.

  • 20

    Medic Mobile conducted its first randomized controlled studies. We opened a regional office in Nairobi and a global team office in San Francisco. Our efforts covered two million people.

  • 20

    We launched our first regional-scale programs in Africa and received an additional $700,000 in grants. Our first SIM application for feature phones was released, for which we won an award from The Rockefeller Foundation. We worked with 25 partners to serve one million people.

  • 20

    Medic Mobile's work expanded to ten countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. We also received unrestricted grants totaling $200,000. We had a staff of four and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

  • 20

    Josh Nesbit's volunteer work at St. Gabriel's Hospital in Malawi led to the formation of Frontline SMS:Medic, which became Medic Mobile. We launched our first project, providing mobile phones to community health workers in the area around St. Gabriel's. We launched Hope Phones to encourage people to recycle their old phones, with proceeds funding the purchase of new phones and solar chargers for community health workers.