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Medic Mobile was created for people delivering care in hard-to-reach areas. The toolkit supports multiple languages and works with or without connectivity. Our tools run on basic phones, smartphones, tablets, and computers, supporting people doing critical work in communities, health facilities, and management offices. We're committed to developing open-source software, sharing learnings, and lowering barriers to adoption, scale, and reach for these tools.


Tools for basic phones

Easy-to-use tools for health workers, household caregivers, and patients
Our tools for familiar, basic phones work in communities with intermittent connectivity, leverage the most ubiquitous mobile infrastructure, and harness SMS as a communication and data channel. We pioneered the use of parallel SIM card applications for healthcare in 2011, enabling any basic phone to run applications for health workers.


Text messaging
Text messages enable timely reminders and real-time communication between families, CHWs, and health facilities, strengthening the connection between last-mile communities and health facilities. As an example, when health workers text P 3 Jane ("P" for pregnancy, "3" for number of weeks pregnant, then the name), Medic Mobile registers the pregnancy, creates a patient ID, calculates the expected delivery date, and schedules automated reminder messages to the health worker or family contact.


SIM applications
SIM apps can load a menu with custom forms onto any phone with a normal SIM card. Our paper-thin wafer sits underneath the ordinary SIM, allowing health workers to submit information using a menu with drop-down lists, instant data validation, and skip logic. Watch a demo.


The Medic Mobile app

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Android app for frontline health workers and managers
Our mobile app was designed for a new wave of health workers and integrated health systems. It supports multiple user types, including traveling nurses or skilled birth attendants in communities or facilities, community health workers, managers on supervisory visits, and other people who deliver care and support.

The app provides an automated and prioritized list of upcoming tasks, covering all of a health worker's activities in their community. Health workers are guided through actions — such as screening for high-risk pregnancies or diagnosing and providing treatments for children – and get real-time indicators for progress towards their goals. Medic Mobile for Android is an offline web app with an Android container, delivering the benefits of the web and a native app. Data from every mobile user is replicated to Medic Mobile web app and analytics tools, providing access to facility staff and managers.


Tasks allow partners to design proactive community health systems. Every health worker has a smart, integrated task list. It directs the user to the people who need their help and provides information about the patient or family, a due date for the task, and a step-by-step guide for the action.


The app is unique in its design as a people-centered tool that includes different cadres of health workers, families, caregivers, patients, children, and other people. The app organizes all information based on people and their relationships. The contacts list is searchable and lets the user quickly access family or person profiles displaying key information, including upcoming tasks, available actions, and a history of data. The user can also call or text contacts straight from the app.


Health workers provide an array of services in their communities. The app guides them through different actions, such as registering a new pregnancy and screening for danger signs, or assessing childhood illnesses and providing treatment. These forms include images and videos, decision support logic, and a results screen with next steps. When a user does something, it's logged in their app and automatically uploaded.


Targets give health workers and managers real-time access to impact metrics. As health workers take actions in their community, the app shows the user the progress they are making towards their targets.


Medic Mobile web app

Full visibility for health facility staff and management teams
Medic Mobile's web app was designed for last-mile facilities as well as management offices. It can be hosted locally or in the cloud, and runs as a responsive web app on desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Our web app serves as a communication and data hub, helping users provide care for patients or provide targeted assistance for remote health workers. Typical users include health worker managers, nurses, doctors, and local monitoring and evaluation staff.

The Messages tab enables individual and group text messaging with contacts. Administrators can also schedule automated messages such as reminders and set auto-replies for certain types of messages. The Contacts tab allows users to organize and view the people and places in their health system.

Medic Mobile's web app also includes in-app analytics including actionable lists of missed visits and key program metrics. The History tab provides real-time access to all the data from the health system – for example, displaying all pregnancy registrations and child treatments provided each day. The data in the History tab can be filtered (by date, type, location, and status), searched, and exported in standard formats.

toolkit-messages-web toolkit-contacts-web-v2

Powerful analytics

Helping managers provide targeted support for health workers and systems
Managers can run their health systems and support their staff more effectively using our analytics platform, and data from Medic Mobile's web app integrates seamlessly.

Our dashboard and priority lists visualize activity and impact indicators, identify facilities and specific health workers who need more support, and help managers make decisions about the best uses of time and resources. Displayed here is an example dashboard, with customized branding, designed for managers working with our partner Living Goods in Uganda.

We have developed dashboards for antenatal care, postnatal care, nutrition, and childhood immunization programs, as well as performance management, stock monitoring, and disease surveillance.


Always improving

Medic Mobile's product team is constantly improving the toolkit, working alongside our partners in 23 countries and frontline health workers. At Medic Mobile, people are at the center of everything we do and our work is grounded in the mindset and methodology of human-centered design. Learn more about our design approach here.

If you have feedback or ideas for our product team, we'd love to hear from you – please get in touch. If you're interested in contributing to an open-source project, visit our page on GitHub.