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Drug Stock Monitoring

How it works

One of our priorities is to use mobile and web technologies for better routine stock reporting and event-based stockout monitoring. Over 3,700 health workers are supported in these stock management programs. USAID-funded projects in Malawi demonstrated that our systems were 134x faster and 4x cheaper than previous systems. Other results include 20% to 85% increase in stock visibility across 10 districts in Malawi and 97% on-time reporting rate in Kilifi District in 2012, the highest of any district in Kenya.

Before this system, I would sleep very bad. Nights I would not know if the vaccines were okay. Now, I receive an alert, and I fly out of bed to fix the fridge. I sleep like I know everything is okay.
-- Sharlet Anzazi, a nurse at Mnarani Health Center in Kenya

Data Used for Impact

Clinics and pharmacies can send information to government agencies on a daily basis about dwindling supplies. This data can then be aggregated and displayed on easy-to-read dashboards, providing information that can be used to restock drugs more quickly (often from nearby clinics) and improve forecasting to avoid future stock-outs.

Drug stock monitoring | 2014 – Q1
People covered


Community health workers


Countries covered

Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mexico, Senegal

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