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Better Tools

Since 2010, Medic Mobile's product team has developed technology designed specifically for health workers in remote and challenging environments. We pioneered the use of SIM card applications for healthcare, enabling any basic phone to run applications for health workers. We also built applications that enable real-time communication between community health workers and their support teams. In the past year, our toolkit for health workers evolved significantly.

New versions of our web app for nurses and managers

Using our web app, clinical teams and managers can view near-real-time updates from health workers and families in their catchment area, exchange messages with their contacts, schedule automated reminders and alerts, and use analytics and visualizations to improve health services. Our web app is designed for the realities of hard-to-reach health facilities, even if they are entirely offline. We've transformed our web app in the past year, adding a new and improved user interface, more powerful filters, an easier way to organize people and places, and better export and integration options. We are proud to deliver the new Medic Mobile web app for nurses and managers, helping them manage equitable health systems.

Earlier Version of Medic Mobile Web App
New version of the web app

Medic Mobile's first Android app

As smartphones became more accessible, we recognized the opportunity to harness low-cost Android devices to support frontline health workers. We recently released Medic Mobile's first Android app, which is fully integrated into our toolkit. The app includes easy-to-use forms with skip logic, location data, in-app data validation, and multimedia support. Health workers or managers can submit data by mobile internet, wifi, or SMS as a backup. Medic Mobile's Android app is based on ODK Collect, an open-source tool, and can easily be configured for specific projects. The forms and settings can be updated in the field, and the app will notify health workers when reports need to be submitted. Health workers are able to register people into health programs, screen for high-risk pregnancies, submit stock reports, report disease outbreaks, and more.

Better management tools for community health systems

Over the past year, analytics tools have become central components of Medic Mobile's programs. We have seen the power of providing visibility into performance of health workers and outcomes in health systems. Working alongside partners, we designed dashboards to show high-priority data to drive immediate action to improve the care of patients, as well as long-term trends to inform program design and management. We built out new views for decision-makers, giving them access to indicators and timely alerts, such as how many facility-based births occurred in the last month.

Introducing the "Do It Yourself" package

Medic Mobile is now able to offer our software as a free, do-it-yourself download for community-based organizations, NGOs, and public and private health facilities. Our goal is to make our best tools accessible to the smallest organizations working in the most challenging settings. To do this, we packaged years of experience using Medic Mobile for antenatal care into an easy-to-use, downloadable application. The DIY package is free, and the software works offline on a local computer. Starting this year, organizations can use the DIY package to register pregnancies, track antenatal care, and increase facility-based deliveries.