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This was a year of exciting growth for Medic Mobile. By the end of 2018, 24,463 health workers were supported with the toolkit, a growth rate of 30%. 2018 also saw unprecedented engagement across health systems, with the tools being used to support 8.5 million health worker actions at patient doorsteps.  

As we continue to focus on scaling the number of CHWs that our tools support, we are also deeply committed to improving tools for health workers in our existing network, which includes expanding to cover additional use cases. Over time, the toolkit is supporting health workers to provide more integrated care across health areas. Since 2015, the average number of use cases per CHW has increased from 1.5 to 3.

We are continuously learning from the data collected on our priority workflows. Key metrics from the last two years of ANC and ICCM deployments are presented here.

In an effort to understand our ANC data in context, we compared our observed facility based delivery rates to baseline data, whenever it was available, and found that it was higher than baseline for all projects.

The leading causes of child deaths act fast. Across programs, of all sick children assessed, 83% were identified within 72 hours of their first symptom onset.

We are now able to report on activities and outcomes related to our postnatal care, family planning, and malnutrition workflows. We started tracking these data at various points during 2018.

This expansion exemplifies all the contributions from every team members at Medic Mobile, working to design, build, and deliver stable, appropriate and impactful tools to health workers.

We are grateful for the immense efforts of our implementing partners in Africa and Asia in equipping and supporting health workers with new tools that improve care in their communities. Most importantly, health workers are at the center of our mission, and we are honored to support their life-saving work in the communities they serve throughout the world.