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Introducing Medic Mobile's Standard Package

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April 06, 2017

Author: Jill Shah

Tools at work in Medic Mobile's Standard package

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a Standard version of our platform, designed to improve antenatal care, postnatal care, and immunizations coordination in last-mile settings. It brings together our extensive experience in designing and implementing care coordination workflows with partners all over the world into a low-cost, open-source, hosted platform. The Standard package contains tools, resources, and support designed for community-based care and can be implemented by even the smallest organizations and clinics in challenging settings as an out-of-the-box solution.

The package is an evolution of our Do-It-Yourself toolkit. We’ve taken our learnings from implementing DIY with partners in Asia and Africa, incorporated the latest version of Medic Mobile’s application, and added more support and resources for successful implementations. The application supports people-centered workflows with case management and care coordination for patients over time. It works well with occasional connectivity, contains powerful analytics, can be supported with basic or smartphones, and can be used in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Swahili, French, and Bahasa Indonesia.

The Standard package includes:

  • Cloud-hosted and pre-configured version of the Medic Mobile application
  • Simple-to-use mobile and web tools for facility staff and community health workers
  • Medic Mobile’s SMS messaging gateway application
  • Step-by-step implementation and training guides
  • Reference cards for users
  • Program monitoring guidelines and dashboard
  • Free impact and activity reports to drive user engagement
  • Speedy, remote support from the Medic Mobile team
  • Invitation to a community of practitioners

For a glimpse of the features included in the Standard package, check out the video below which demonstrates a facility-based user, such as a nurse, registering a pregnancy visit for a patient and notifying the patient's community health worker about the visit.

The Standard package is our most accessible option for deploying Medic Mobile, enabling organizations to deliver tried-and-tested mobile health use cases with minimal support. Through support from a generous funder, Medic Mobile is able to deploy the package at no service cost for our first set of partners. Partners cover the other direct costs for their deployment, including hardware, SMS bundles, and mobile data bundles, and the package contains a cost calculator to help partners prepare for these expenses.

We’ve already launched the Standard package in Asia and will deploy with several partners in Africa in the coming weeks. We’re excited to deliver high-quality tools and resources to support health workers and care delivery at a low cost to partners. If you are interested in partnering to deploy the Standard package, please contact jill@medicmobile.org.

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