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Local government funding to support Medic Mobile’s Tools in Nepal

Vdc Blog Post

June 29, 2017

Author: Shreya Bhatt

Above: Female community health volunteers and local health post staff in Baglung (Photo credit: Lester Ng, Visual Designer)

We’re thrilled to share that local government in Nepal has recently provided funding support for the use of Medic Mobile’s tools! Malika Village Development Committee (VDC) in Baglung district provided approximately $500 to the local health post last week to support SMS costs incurred by 16 female community health volunteers and 1 health facility staff in the use of Medic Mobile for antenatal care coordination for one year.

This represents a key milestone in our work alongside the Ministry of Health and Population in Nepal. Malika VDC is the first of its kind to use local funds in support of an mHealth tool, following a signed commitment by over 40 VDCs across the country. This is also the first time, across our deployments in over 23 countries, that a government partner of Medic Mobile has provided funding to sustain mHealth. We remain committed to lowering barriers to adoption and reach of our tools globally, and are excited to continue helping partners plan for the long-term success of mHealth.

Congratulations to Malika VDC and our government partners in Nepal on taking this important step towards long-term ownership, scale and sustainability of mHealth! 

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