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Medic Mobile Full Team Meet-up

2018 Retreat Xpro017 Rvhtd 1600

February 08, 2018

Author: Alix Emden

Co-authored by Medic Mobile's Communications Team: Shreya Bhatt, Lexy Cullen, Alix Emden, Doreen Kudwoli, and Mercy Simiyu

Earlier this month, 70 Medic teammates traveled from 13 countries around the world to attend our first ever organization-wide meet-up in Diani, Kenya. For many teammates, it was their first time meeting face-to-face after months, and in some cases even years, of virtual communication. We asked teammates to tell us what their most meaningful moment was, and what surprised them.

What was the most meaningful moment of the meet up for you?

  • “Interacting with different teammates, from different regions at a personal level and understanding their background and knowing how each contributes a lot to the growth of the organization. We surely have a great and talented team!” - Stephine Osoro, Technical Support Associate 

  • “The highlight was when Josh shared the numbers of users we have reached through our platform! This was symbolic for me and it really motivated me to keep doing what I do most. The goals for 2018 re-awakened my zeal and passion to reach more people through our tools.” - Sue Maigua, Project Assistant 

  • “Our 2017 goal performance and statistics across the different regional projects and their impact and activity indicators. We get lost deep in our day to day functions and seeing how that contribution has resulted towards growth towards those goals is beautiful!'” - Regina Mutuku, Africa Regional Director  

  • “The session in which we discussed the goals for 2018, and teamed up to discuss how to achieve these goals individually was the most meaningful moment of the meet-up for me. Not only did it give me an insight to the way forward as an organization, I liked how people with different roles, backgrounds, and nationalities were all trying to reach a common set of goals.”  - Binod Adhikary, Technical Lead 

  • “The most meaningful moment was being inspired by all the amazing ideas, passion and drive that everybody has toward solving the problems we're trying to solve.” - Stefan du Fresne, Senior Software Developer

  • “Setting hugely ambitious goals for the coming year and decade and feeling daunted and hopeful at the same time given all the intelligence, resilience, humility, empathy, and the empowering positive energy we collectively possess." - Ranju Sharma, Asia Design Lead

  • "The most meaningful moment for me was meeting everyone else who works out of the region. It was great to put a name with the face and understand the role that each person plays in making the Medic dream happen." - Joyanne Muthee, Africa Regional Designer  

Meet Up2

What surprised you the most?

  • “I was surprised by the possibility of converging at Mombasa for a whole week. I have not heard of any organization investing heavily in staff motivation and oneness. I am so optimistic that we can talk about Medic at 100 years of impact.” -  David Kitheka, Accountant

  • “Besides the monkeys at the pool? I was surprised by the similar challenges across programs and across geographies - each program has its own nuances but we can and have created something that works globally.” - Julie Smith, Director of Development 

  • “Looking at the diverse group of teammates, all of whom were friendly and accepting of each other's diversity was a pleasant surprise.” - Dushala Adhikari, Project Manager 

  • “What surprised me is the free and open communication. Honestly, I feel like I can reach anyone in the organization.” - Dorcus Akello, Africa Regional Designer 

  • “That despite the fact that we were from all over the world we managed to 'sync'/connect well like we were all working in the same office.” - Alex Nyika, Technical Lead 

  • “I find myself incredibly bewildered that there are now more than seventy of us working for health equity day in and day out. A decade ago we never imagined that our work would grow in this way, but it has grown and I know each and every one of us will need to be super productive if we are to live up to our aspirations for 2018.” - Isaac Holeman, Research Lead

Meet Up3

This meet-up was a unique opportunity for our organization to come together, reflect on our progress to-date, acknowledge our achievements as well as failures, hone our skills, and strengthen our individual and collective bonds. We come back charged, inspired and excited to meet our ambitious goals for 2018 with our partners around the world!

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