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Author: Alix Emden
April 22, 2019

Travel Hacks from a Largely Remote Team

The 88 teammates that make up Medic Mobile are spread across 11 countries, 33 cities, and 5 continents. This means we spend a lot of time in the air, on long-haul flights so we can collaborate in person. Along the way, we’ve picked up many tips and tricks.

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Posted by: Alix Emden
April 03, 2019

What's new in the Community Health Application Framework: 3.4.0

Medic Mobile is excited to announce the release of the next version of the Community Health Application Framework: 3.4.0. This release adds customizable branding and has several improvements for performance and scalability.

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Posted by: Alix Emden
March 26, 2019

Community Health Toolkit new partner, new commitment to ending health disparities for people with intellectual disabilities

In the hours before the Special Olympics World Games, Medic Mobile joined over 100 global health leaders at the Global Inclusive Health Forum. Together, they made a commitment to provide quality health care for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

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Posted by: Alix Emden
March 06, 2019

What's new in 3.3.0

Medic Mobile is thrilled to announce the release of the next major version of the Community Health Application Framework: 3.3.0. This release adds a few new important features and a slew of improvements that build on existing functionality.

Dhis2 Digital Health
Posted by: Alix Emden
February 28, 2019

Interoperability with Health Management Information Systems

System interoperability is front and center in the ongoing conversation about digital health. Our Product Lead for Data and Analytics shares Medic Mobile's progress in designing, prototyping, and building integrations with key platforms.

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Author: Alix Emden
February 20, 2019

Our Visit to Montgomery's Legacy Museum & Memorial

Last month, Medic Mobile teammates came together in Montgomery, Alabama to visit the Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration and the Memorial to Peace and Justice. On World Social Justice Day, we share some reflections from the experience. 

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