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Teaming up with Facebook to deliver more phones to frontline health workers

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November 01, 2016

Author: Jill Shah

Facebook and Medic Mobile have teamed up in delivering healthcare to the hardest-to-reach communities by getting more phones to frontline health workers. Facebook’s Smart Restart program provides an easy way to donate old mobile devices to be reused for globalizing the impact of non-profits. At Medic Mobile, we've seen the impact of putting a smartphone and the Medic Mobile app in the hands of a community health worker. The Smart Restart program will extend the reach of Medic Mobile's impact, allowing us to overcome barriers for accessing high-quality devices and provide better support to people on the front lines of global health.

Phones collected through the Smart Restart program will be donated to 120 community health workers (CHWs) using Medic Mobile in Isiolo County, Kenya. Supported by Christian Aid Kenya and the Kenyan Ministry of Health, CHWs will use the smartphones to register pregnant women, receive automated antenatal care visit reminders, report danger signs, and track deliveries. They will also register newborn children and receive immunization reminders to ensure that children are receiving necessary and life saving vaccinations. All the data collected by CHWs will integrate directly into Ministry of Health reporting tools.

Smartphones are collected and refurbished using environmentally sustainable practices by Facebook’s partner, Hyla Mobile. Hyla is a global leader in mobile device re-commerce and recycling, and its solutions have been utilized by over 20 wireless carriers and retailers globally. Hyla uses sophisticated technology across its global operation centers to extend the life cycle of mobile devices in the most secure manner possible.

Help us make an even larger impact by donating your phone at Facebook’s Smart Restart website here.

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