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The Peery Foundation commits $1 million in funding to Medic Mobile


April 04, 2016

Author: Josh Nesbit

Today, we are very excited to announce that the Peery Foundation approved $1,000,000 in funding for Medic Mobile through grants over four years. This partnership will support a growth phase for our team, model, and impact.

"We are thrilled to increase our support to Medic Mobile to help them continue to scale their model. With products that can help small, community organizations operating on a tiny budget through to larger organizations with thousands of CHWs, MM is the backbone of the community health worker movement." - Jayson Morris, Social Entrepreneurship Portfolio Director at the Peery Foundation

This commitment fuels my optimism about our work and evolving sector – here's why.

First, this shows what's possible when organizations and funding partners grow together. Over time, confidence levels rise and mutual understanding of models deepens. We began collaborating through a starter grant and graduated to larger annual commitments – when Peery started considering larger investments, they knew we were entering a high-growth phase and could reference our history together.

Second, the Peery Foundation is a leader in grantee-centric philanthropy. They spell out their values and approach clearly on their website, lead silo-busting workshops to build empathy, and advocate for more philanthropic partnerships based on trust, respect, listening, and communication. Our team has experienced the effects of this approach, from the respectful diligence process to the handwritten thank you notes expressing gratitude for people's time.

Also, the scale, type, and duration of the funding matters. Everyone knows that nonprofits fight for flexible funds for strategic investments in team growth, product development, research, and accessibility for interventions that improve outcomes in the hardest-to-reach communities. Funding uncertainty can lead to short-term thinking and scarcity mindsets for nonprofits. It will take leadership and creativity from funders and organizations to change this, and we need more bright spots. I hope that the results of Peery's investments will help make large, multi-year funding for general support more common.

Finally, I am inspired by the other organizations receiving growth grants from the Peery Foundation. Living Goods and myAgro are pioneering ventures with talented teams and high-impact models. I am cheering for these organizations as they scale up. There is a growing network of peer organizations committed to demonstrably changing the status quo – we share a sense of urgency, celebrate each other's successes, and embrace opportunities to work together. We look forward to learning and growing with these organizations and the Peery Foundation in the years to come.

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