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Phone Donation 1

February 22, 2018

Posted by: Alix Emden

Post authored by Medic Mobile's Director of Development, Julie Smith. Above, Yuna Lama and Dushala Adhikari unpack 72kg of phones delivered for a deployment in Banke District, Nepal. 

Medic Mobile depends on philanthropy to continue to develop and update our software, train community health workers, track and analyze data on our programs, and a host of other activities that are sometimes hard to quantify in a grant application. Unrestricted donations help Medic Mobile keep the lights on, pay our staff, fund our travel, and all the things any organization needs on a day to day basis. One way we raise unrestricted funds is through our phone donation program!

We are looking for interested individuals, or organizations, who are willing to host phone donation drives. We have the materials, ready to print, on our website that help inform others on what donating their phone can do for health workers across the globe. We can also provide you with pre-packaged, and labeled collection bins.

Recycle Collection Kit@2X

People often ask if we send the phones they donate directly to the health workers in our programs. The short answer is No. We’ve learned over the years that phones need to be purchased locally to ensure the ability to service them if they break, as well as that health workers across their program need to be using the same make and model of phone. Local procurement of phones also boosts the local economy and continues to build the technology infrastructure in the countries we work in!

So what does happen to your phone? Our recycler, The Wireless Alliance - located in Boulder, CO, receives the phones, erases all data through a certified and secure process and either sells the refurbished phones or recycles them responsibly.  Every quarter, the recycler sends Medic Mobile a check for a portion of the proceeds from the phones donated in Medic Mobile’s name.   

Recycle Phones How It Works@2X

Pretty cool, huh? Do you belong to an organization - a business, a school, a civic group, a congregation, where you could promote a phone drive and let people know about the great work that Medic Mobile is doing? It’s a win-win! People get to responsibly dispose of their old phones and tablets, and health workers across the world get supported with world class tools to help register pregnancies, track disease outbreaks faster, monitor essential medicine stock, and communicate about emergencies.

Please consider hosting a phone donation drive and check out our easy to use materials here. We’re also here to help. If you need us to help you brainstorm or can help us access a large scale opportunity - reach out to Alix Emden at emden@medicmobile.org.

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