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Our tools are used by large organizations supporting thousands of frontline health workers, as well as local organizations and clinics. Learn more about your options for deploying Medic Mobile.

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Medic Mobile designs, delivers, and supports software for health workers providing care in the hardest-to-reach communities. We envision a world where community health workers are equipped and supported as they provide care for their neighbors. Medic Mobile and our partners have proven that high-quality care can be delivered through integrated, community-based health systems. We now have an unprecedented opportunity to rapidly scale up this approach and its impact.

In order to achieve scale and reach, Medic Mobile supports three types of partnerships with health care delivery organizations and health systems.

Standard partners

We provide Standard partners with an easy-to-deploy version of the software that comes with free remote-support for organizations and clinics. The Standard partnership package is our most accessible option for deploying Medic Mobile, enabling you to deliver tried-and-tested mobile health use cases with minimal support. Over the years, we’ve refined specific workflows to support health workers and community health systems. We package high-impact, replicable workflows and implementation resources into our Standard option.

As a Standard partner, you will have access to Medic Mobile’s web app, easy-to-use SMS or Medic Collect forms, a messaging gateway, step-by-step implementation guides, training materials, and user materials. We also provide prompt, remote support from our team and an invitation to a community of practitioners. Medic Mobile asks that partners cover the other direct costs for their deployment, including hardware, SMS bundles, and mobile data bundles. Partners can deploy Medic Mobile for antenatal care, postnatal care, and childhood immunization coordination.

Jesse Kihuha, CMMB Program Coordinator for CHAMPS

Medic Mobile, in partnership with CMMB Kenya, Kitui South Sub County has deployed our standard mHealth package to 349 community health volunteers in 6 wards linked to 36 health facilities for antenatal care, postnatal care and immunization.

Model-building partnerships

Medic Mobile works alongside model-building partners to deploy the full Medic Mobile toolkit, embed technology into new models of care, and advance R&D through human-centered design and research.

Medic Mobile’s open-source toolkit serves as the go-to software for community health, helping health workers provide doorstep care in the hardest to reach communities. Community health workers rely on the Android app and full toolkit to coordinate safe pregnancies, ensure complete vaccinations for children, treat and refer quickly for childhood illnesses, screen and deliver supplements for maternal and child malnutrition, serve as early reporters for infectious disease outbreaks, decide which families and communities to visit, and coordinate with managers and clinical care teams. Managers can monitor and coordinate healthcare with the web app and display impact data in real-time with visual analytical dashboards

Model Partnership Image

Medic Mobile & Living Goods model partners

National health systems partners

Medic Mobile also supports scale-ups within national health systems, with a focus on government leadership and ownership. In 2018, we aim to support scale-ups of government-led systems with the Ministry of Health in Kenya, Ministry of Health in Nepal, Ministry of Health in Uganda, and implementing partners in each country. We also aim to deploy with one additional national-scale partner, and we continue to develop plans to support additional national systems.

Siaya County Director of Health on Medic Mobile

"Partnering with Medic Mobile will give us that opportunity for us to show that the investment the county has made in community health services is working. – Dr. Omondi Owino, Siaya county director of health."

Please reach out to our partnerships team to explore working with us.

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Medic Mobile partnerships

Application features Standard partners Model-building partners / National health systems
Cloud-hosted X X
SMS capabilities X X
Multiple languages X X
Tools for health workers Standard partners Model-building partners / National health systems
SMS on basic phones X X
Medic Collect on Android phones X X
Full-featured Medic Mobile app for community health workers X
Use cases Standard partners Model-building partners / National health systems
Antenatal care X X
Postnatal care X X
Childhood immunization X X
Integrated Community Care Management (iCCM) X
Malnutrition X
Health worker performance management X
Outbreak surveillance X