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Software tools are used by large organizations supporting thousands of frontline health workers, as well as local organizations and clinics. Learn more about your deployment options.

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Since 2010, Medic Mobile’s staff of a hundred implementation experts, designers, developers, data scientists, and researchers has supported community health systems in more than twenty countries. Alongside a coalition of partners, we are expanding our efforts in order to equip more health workers delivering care in the hardest-to-reach communities. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring collaboration!

Community Health Apps built with the Community Health Toolkit

Medic Mobile developed the Community Health Toolkit’s application framework, and is working closely with our partners to develop and deploy reference applications that build on and extend this framework. 

In addition to serving as the technical steward for the CHT, Medic Mobile supports partners with needs assessments, design, app development, training, and capacity building. Medic Mobile works alongside model-building partners to deploy the full Medic Mobile toolkit, embed technology into new models of care, and advance R&D through human-centered design and research.

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Featured Partners

Medic Mobile supports scale-ups within national health systems, with a focus on government leadership and ownership. In 2018, we supported scale-ups of government-led systems with the Ministry of Health in Kenya and Ministry of Health in Nepal, as well as implementing partners in each country. 

Siaya County Director of Health on working with Medic

"Partnering with Medic Mobile will give us that opportunity for us to show that the investment the county has made in community health services is working. – Dr. Omondi Owino, Siaya County Director of Health."

Please reach out to our partnerships team to explore working with us.

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Deployment Capabilities

Application features
Cloud-hosted X
SMS capabilities X
Multiple languages X
Tools for health workers
SMS on basic phones X
Full-featured Medic Mobile app for community health workers X
Use cases
Antenatal care X
Postnatal care X
Childhood immunization X
Integrated Community Care Management (iCCM) X
Malnutrition X
Health worker performance management X
Outbreak surveillance X