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You can use mobile technology to improve health in your communities.

We have seen the power of mobile tools to support community health programs. Medic Mobile believes that every health organization and clinic should have access to the best technology tools, and the DIY Toolkit was created based on this vision. Over the years, we have met many champions for local health systems – nurses, doctors, community health managers, IT professionals, and others who want to use new technologies to improve healthcare. This toolkit is for you.

Here, you'll find a step-by-step guide as well as free software and resources. Learn how the DIY Toolkit for Antenatal Care works, assess your readiness to deploy, plan your project, install the easy-to-use software, learn how to train your health workers, and plan for monitoring your project. This toolkit is designed to support Antenatal Care programs through early and remote registration, automated reminders for timely antenatal care visits, and messaging to improve coordination between community contacts and clinics.

Our software runs offline, but we created this interactive guide as a website. Below, you can also get an offline version of this guide and all the resources within it, including videos. After you download the software, you'll have everything you need to plan, install, train, deploy, and troubleshoot – even if you're entirely offline.

Offline DIY Guide and Resources

If you'd like to use the online version of this guide, let's get started!