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About Us

Medic Mobile is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2010 to improve health in the communities that are hardest to reach. We design, build, deliver, and support open-source software for health workers and health systems – helping provide better care that reaches everyone.

Each member of our team was drawn to this mission and emboldened by a vision of global health equity. Our diversity of skills and experiences helps us tackle complex challenges – we look forward to hearing from you and exploring ways to work together.

Our team


  • Robin Bruce, President, David Weekley Family Foundation

  • Greg Ennis, Managing Director, Peninsula Ventures

  • Isaac Holeman, Co-founder and Chief Research Officer, Medic Mobile

  • Brittany Hume Charm, Head of Global Partnerships, Zipline

  • Raffi Krikorian, Managing Director for Engineering, Emerson Collective

  • Josh Nesbit, Co-founder and CEO, Medic Mobile

  • Susan Nesbitt, Emeritus member

  • Amy Norris, Chief Legal Counsel, Clif Bar & Company

  • Naveen Rao, Senior Vice President, Health, The Rockefeller Foundation

  • Roni Zeiger, Emeritus member


  • Mwihaki Kimura Mraguri, Social Change Practitioner and Consultant

  • Chuck Slaughter, Founder of Living Goods and TravelSmith

  • Dr. Paul Wise, Professor of Child Health and Society and Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford University


While one member of Medic Mobile's field team is traveling 100 miles on rough roads to visit a remote clinic, other members of our team – software developers, health researchers, and project managers – are working with them to fine-tune models, devise new patient interventions, and make time-saving software improvements. Our teammates exhibit unique levels of patience, confidence, and empathy; we work together every day as a distributed interdisciplinary team to improve health outcomes and ultimately save lives.

Our History

  • 20

    We held our first ever all-team meet up, had 18 product releases, brought on 26 new teammates, and trained over 8,000 new health workers. Our with with the Ministry of Health in Siaya, Kenya was featured in BBC News' Disruptors series. At the end of the year, we launched the Community Health Toolkit open-source project alongside 14 partners. 

  • 20

    We launched our Standard package, making our tools more accessible than ever, and began working closely with government partners in Kenya and Nepal. Medic Mobile was the recipient of a Global Citizen's Award, named a GAVI INFUSE Pacesetter & a Laureate of The Tech for Global Good. We also added 27 new teammates to our staff. 

  • 20

    Our application shifted from case-based care to support people-centered health systems. We launched a customized app for managers and nurses and reached 6, 878 new health workers, a 97% growth rate in health workers supported by our tools.